6 Simple Ways to Turn Your Backyard into an Inspiring Oasis

Whether your backyard is large or small, verdant or concrete, you want to make the most of your outdoor space by making it a beautiful and comfortable place where you want to spend your time. No matter what you have to work with, we’ve put together 6 suggestions that will help you make your backyard feel like a true oasis from the world.

1. Create cozy spaces

Make your outdoor space feel comfortable and inviting by adding soft elements to your space. Cushions and pillows made with durable outdoor fabric will add a pop of your favorite color to your space while also making it feel more relaxed and cozy. Boost the coziness factor even further with some candles or install some dimmable bulbs on your home so you can adjust the light level to get the perfect ambiance every time.

2. Protect your seating

Keep your outdoor space comfortable no matter the time of day or season by adding flexible shade and shelter. Look for a roller shade in a color you love, hang some outdoor curtains, or go for something like these umbrellas that can be raised or lowered and will keep you safe from the sun or rain. If you live somewhere where the winters get chilly, look for shade options that can also act as wind protection, like a trellis, awning, or an evergreen tree or shrub.

3. Hang some string lights

There’s a reason this inexpensive upgrade never goes out of style. A few well-placed strands of string lights will add a soft, dreamy light to your outdoor space and create the perfect ambiance for your late night summer BBQs.

This can be done by DIYers of any level! To get started, draw out your space and where you want your lights to be. If you want, you can add poles in the ground or attach them to your deck or fence to make extra places to hang lights, but this isn’t necessary! Measure how many feet you’ll need (add extra length if you want them to drape), and find a style you like. Don’t forget to buy zip ties or exterior hooks to hang them on! When you’re ready to hang them up, make sure you start on the end with the plug so that you get the right distance to your power source. This project  is so simple that it’ll only take an afternoon to install them start to finish, then you can enjoy them all year!

4. Add a living feature wall

Create a visually stunning backyard space by planting a vertical garden feature wall! Look for hanging planters that attach to your fence, or secure small flower pots to a trellis. If you have a blank wall on your house that you want to transform, look for planters that can be installed safely right onto the exterior of your home! Plant some pretty annuals to get a pop of your favorite color, or stick to all green to make a statement. You could even mix in some container-friendly garden plants like strawberries or peas! 

5. Upgrade your covered patio

This backyard glow up idea might require you to swap out your shovel for a screwdriver, but there’s no denying the way it transforms your space! Is that tiny little sconce by your front door leaving you in the shadows once the sun goes down? Are you constantly swatting at mosquitoes and gnats? Talk to an outdoor lighting specialist and ask them how to add an outdoor ceiling fan to your covered patio. You’ll be amazed at the way better lighting and airflow can transform your patio into a whole new living space! Outdoor ceiling fans are surprisingly affordable, and they’ll light your space while keeping the bugs and the heat away!

6. Simplify

If gardening isn’t really your thing, making your yard low maintenance is the key to being able to spend more time enjoying your space. Large open flower beds look beautiful, but they need hours of weeding each week to keep them looking pristine. Try filling in the gaps with gravel or pavers. If you still want more greenery, add potted plants. They’ll add life to your yard without all the extra weeding! When you’re finished, sit back and enjoy the cozy and beautiful oasis you’ve created in your own back yard.

In an age when so much of our world is online, it’s more important than ever to get outside and disconnect as often as you can! Bookmark this list of ideas, then turn your computer off, set your phone down, and go outside! Take a look at your outdoor space and see what you can do to make it a true oasis. Go ahead, get started! You’re gonna love how it turns out.

Let the experts at Stewart Lighting help get you going! If you have any questions about how to get the light just right in your outdoor space, give us a call!