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Turn Off Seasonal Depression with These Quick Tips (No Pills Needed)

Turn off seasonal depression

Do you or a loved one feel especially gloomy in winter? Perhaps you’ve been excessively tired, had little energy, or found yourself overeating consistently. If so, you may be experiencing seasonal affective disorder (SAD), a mood disorder that causes depression-like symptoms during winter months. Common SAD risk factors include: Living far from the equator Having …

7 Lighting Hacks to Boost Your Business

lighting hack business

Is your workspace working for you? Studies have demonstrated that the way you light your business affects everything from how customers perceive your brand to your mood and even employee productivity. Get lighting right and take your business to the next level! Here, we’ll cover seven lighting tricks to add that ‘it’ factor to your …

How Office Light Color Can Build or Break Your Business

office light color

Have you ever noticed how certain lights make things look different? Take a hair salon, for example. The stylist dyes your hair and it looks great in the salon, but when you go outside, it’s a completely different color! That isn’t bad styling— but it might be caused by bad lighting. Here’s an in-depth review …