secrets to successful home decor

7 Secrets to Successful Home Decor

It’s no secret—home décor is more than just a mode of self-expression. It’s also an influential part of your every-day environment that also affects your mood, productivity, ability to focus and so much more. Stay true to your taste while staying in style, using these tried-and-true design principles.

1. Unity

Aim for complimentary tones, colors, style, and décor. If something doesn’t quite feel right, it probably isn’t! Unifying a room may mean removing some items and/or replacing them with something more cohesive. Update that 80’s style fluorescent light-box or reupholster an old couch—whatever it takes to bring the room together!

2. Variety

Don’t confuse “unity” with “uniform”—every room should have a variety of textures and tones to spice up the décor. Consider pieces that tie to the overall atmosphere with their color, sizing, or texture, but still maintain a unique stand-alone quality.

3. Balance

Here, we’re talking primarily about sizing and spacing. Balance your furniture layout throughout the room, and consider accessories in their individual places. Whether you’re aiming for a symmetrical or asymmetrical feel, weighing the size, spacing, and impact of the pieces can help you nail that look! 

4. Emphasis

Every room needs an eye-catcher—the focal piece of furniture or art that represents the function and feel of the room. Imagine a grand piano in the sitting room, a gorgeous chandelier in the entryway, or the entertainment center in a family room. Review your plans for each room and find a way to express it through a feature piece of décor.

5. Texture

When selecting pillows, lamps, art, accent pieces, and all the rest, it’s easy to obsess about the perfect color and forget the power of texture. Don’t skip this, though! Texture can be visual or physical, so add depth of design by mixing rich, deep textures with sleek, light ones. 

6. Scale

Does your room seem overly crowded? Does that tiny lamp look tacky in a large, usable space? Walls, table tops, and the entire room should feel grounded and proportionate with sufficient art, furniture, and décor, but not cramped. Don’t be afraid to shuffle things around or move them between rooms!

7. Repetition

Emphasize your favorite aspects of any room by adding a little repetition. Try it with patterns, colors, shapes, themes, and textures to make your room look intentional and put-together.

Fine-tuning your home décor may take time, but it’s an effort that will be well rewarded. For other décor tips or advice on how to make your home lighting shine, contact us at Stewart Lighting.