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9 Mind-Blowing Uses for LED Strip Lights

If you’re looking to add some atmosphere or a little more “IT” factor to your living spaces, new and ultra-versatile LED strip lighting may be the perfect thing for you. Sized smaller than your pinky finger and capable of infinite adjustments in color, length, lumens, and voltage, LED strip lights like these can hide, and transform, just about any space you can imagine.

As a general rule, LEDs at 3000 kelvins (the ranking for light color) feel warm, cozy, and atmospheric, making them preferable for residential uses. These LED strip lights can transform virtually any space, so long as they can still connect to a power source. Ready for some of our favorite examples?

1. Kitchen Cabinets

Use LED strip lights under cabinets as trendy task lighting. It’ll illuminate your counters and your beloved backsplash. For extra pizzazz, add a strip under your bottom cabinets as well—it’ll add more dimension to your room and give you several good options for night lighting!

2. Hallways and Bookshelves

For some subtle lighting in the hallway, apply the strip lighting under the trim piece that is dropped from the ceiling. As for bookshelves, line them inside, under, or above shelves to dress then t up and make them extra inviting. 

3. Artwork

In addition to spotlights or general lighting, lining the back or sides of a frame really makes artwork pop!

4. Master Bedroom

LED strip lights are a low-cost way to bring some soft mood lighting to your most relaxing space. Line them along your headboard, around artwork, or bordering your doors.

5. Night Light

Use a similar trick for small children up to teens, turning strip lighting into a fashionable, functional nightlight.

6. Bathrooms

Add LED’s behind your bathroom mirror for an extra glow, or consider one of their most functional uses ever—under the cabinet lighting! Prevent middle-of-the-night toe injuries by using subtle strip lights to illuminate the space. 

7. Stairs

For extra convenience and safety, LED’s fit on the underside of a hand rail for night-time access or under the lip of each step. Say goodbye to stubbed toes and awkward stumbling!

8. Mirrors

Hanging mirrors have a gap that provides easy access for LED’s! You’ll love the extra task lighting for shaving, applying makeup, or just getting a good view with that extra glow.

9. Outside

So many great uses here! LED strips add some atmosphere to any patio, pool ledge, or pergola.  Line outdoor pathways or stairs with these tiny lights and enjoy their practical side as well.

If you’re feeling excited by these possibilities, reach out to us to learn more! As your local lighting showroom, we know the ins and outs of quality, affordable lighting in all shapes and sizes. Stewart Lighting is here for all your project needs!