building a cozy nook


The inglenook is a cute name with a charming history.  It literally means “chimney corner” and began as a wooden seat built into the space on either side of the wide fireplaces common in 17th-century English houses and cottages.


Over time, the concept evolved to it’s own room near a fireplace room right off the kitchen and was meant to be a cozy place to get warm.  It was a little room inside of a bigger room. 

The concept of an inglenook has been reinvented recently and is used more generally when talking about how to convert a simple space with seemingly no defined use, to a creative nook that you can’t wait to be in!  The modern concept of the nook nook is something to consider for an odd space without a definite purpose.

Some rooms have an obvious furniture layout that will fit them.  For instance, the sofa will only fit the room going one particular direction to where it is facing the TV area.  Some rooms have several layouts and there’s not just one right way of laying them out.  Regardless of your room setting, finding a place to create your own little inglenook to curly up and read may be easier than you think.  A cozy book nook can be created along a blank wall, in a corner full of windows, or even on the backside of a sofa!  Here are some helpful hints to create a modern day inglenook that can still “warm” you when sit and stay awhile. 

Book Storage:  A book nook includes books so have a fun way of storing them in this little area.  A cute big basket, simple wall shelves, or a storage ottoman can all make for a fun way to define your space.

Something to Sit On:  It may be time to get that cute accent chair you’ve always wanted.  For the grown-ups, a chair with an ottoman or something to put your feet up on will do the job.  For kids, fun-print floor pillows or cushions will call their name.

Define the Space:  Set your space apart from the rest of the room, even if it’s still part or your room—remember, a “little room inside of a bigger room.”  A small rug will do the job of defining this space.

Light:  Poor lighting is hard on the eyes and can ruin the appeal of the most beautifully crafted reading nook. Where possible, use natural light is great. Its good for the soul easy on the eyes and is the greenest form of light available.

When natural light is not an option, supplement with a lamp to bring in some color, an element of style and some nice task light to your area. Floor lamps are by far the most convenient way to bring lovely lighting to your gorgeous new reading nook.

Wall sconces give an elegant look to any space.  While more difficult to mount, these lights turn into permanent fixtures and will are offer a reliable beam for reading any time of day. Mounting two on opposite ends of the nook, cover both sides while offering a “dim zone” in the middle if you do not want bright light.  Adding a dimmer switch is a great idea that allows you to adjust the brightness to the perfect level no matter the task.

No Phone, No Problem!  Your inglenook is calling you to come and read a book.  Get cozy, grab a throw blanket and leave your phone behind.  

Comfort can be found by young and old in the depths of a wonderful book.  Creating a “book inglenook” that calls you to come and stay awhile is simple and rewarding.