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Clever Lighting Ideas for Your Too-Short Bathroom

Feeling cramped in your bathroom? Every home comes with its quirks, and bathroom size and layouts are often among them. However, a cramped bathroom doesn’t have to cramp your style! Less-than traditional bathroom spaces simply call for less-than traditional lighting and décor ideas. Below, you’ll find a list of 7 examples of lighting that can transform your vertically-challenged bathroom space. Enjoy!

1. LED Illuminated Mirror

We’ve got lots to say about these, but that’s a topic for another time. They defog, have varied lighting settings, add a dramatic flair, save tons of space, and attract a lot of attention (while drawing attention away from the size of the bathroom). They’re a great addition to any size bathroom space.


2. Globe One-Light LED Pendant

Beautiful globe pendants like this add unique texture and variety to your space. Pendants provide a fresh alternative to sconces. Ideally pendants should hang on either side of a mirror and be spaced 30 to 36 inches apart. As with any other bathroom lighting, it’s important that pendants be damp or wet-location rated. This protects against damage to the fixture or electrical components.

3. Cylinder Pendant

The great thing about pendants in a bathroom is that they can hang lower than a vanity light could, making your ceilings look higher. The standard placement for a bathroom pendant is to have the bottom of the fixture at the center line of the mirror. While many pendants come with adjustable stem lengths, you can also opt for a pendant hung by chain, cord, or wire for optimal hanging flexibility. Pendants should be part of a layered lighting plan that includes general overhead lighting, accent lights, and even natural light.

4. Mango Wood 1 Light Pendant

Keep in mind that pendants function best as accent lighting, and may not provide adequate light for the whole space. In fact, it’s better if pendants are opaque or thickly shaded, since they’re at your eye level and a clear-glass fixture might mean you’re staring straight at a bright bulb. That said, pendants like this one add texture, light, and style while drawing your eye away from short ceilings.


5. Winfield 2 Light Wall Sconce

Sconces have been around for many years, but their efficiency and style make them a fresh solution for any space. Sconces often flank the sides of the mirror, but you can mount them to fit your personal preference. They can even augment the existing lines of your bathroom, drawing your eye horizontally in a pleasing, stylish way.

6. Glenn 1 Light Wall Sconce

The recommended height to hang sconces between 64” to 68” from the finished floor. The idea is to illuminate the face, so the exact measurements will vary a little bit depending on whether the sconce is “top” or “bottom” heavy, and where it shines light. Leaving the top half of your bathroom with less light draws attention away from the overall height of the room, focusing instead on the central, lit portion of the space.


Don’t forget that sconces are similar to the pendants—they don’t usually provide enough light to serve as a primary light source. If you do favor your sconces, you may want to supplement with hidden recessed lighting overhead. Using them as accent or task lighting, in addition to a main fixture, will add style and round out your bathroom space without detracting from the brightness of the room.

We hope that you can use these tips, tricks, and products to create an aesthetically pleasing and functional space in your bathroom—no matter what the size! Best of luck from all of us at Stewart Lighting.