17 Beautiful Chandeliers to Suit Any Aesthetic

Chandeliers are divas – they have to be the center of attention in any room they’re in. They are as versatile as they are dramatic – they come in all shapes and sizes and can be added to any design aesthetic. The right chandelier can make a room feel luxurious, moody, bright, rustic, modern, or anything in between. 

Because they make such a big statement, picking a chandelier that complements your decorations and personal style can be tricky at best. That’s why we’re here! These 17 interiors are from all over the interior design spectrum – but they are all feature gorgeous chandeliers that scream beauty, grace, and SEE ME IN MY SPACE! Enjoy.

1. Clean Farmhouse

This dark iron chandelier stands in stark contrast with the bright whites in the room and flawlessly ties the darker elements together. Its clean lines complement and balance the space perfectly.

2. Eclectic Haven

With other competing colors and patterns, this two-tiered chandelier is a much-needed focal point in this eclectic space.

3. Modern Home

In this room, soft round shapes are the star. This unique chandelier highlights the circles in the room, complementing the style.

4. Bohemian Paradise*

The macrame chandelier nestled above this claw-foot tub creates an unexpected and very relaxing environment to kick your feet up in.

5. Mid-Century Boho

This seating area’s chandelier ties in the boho elements of the room, while still staying true to the space’s mid-century origins.

6. Classic Elegance

The vintage elegance of this crystal chandelier gives this neutral dining room a perfect classic-modern balance. 

7. Rustic Beach Bedroom

The chandelier in this bedroom transforms the room from rustic to modern beach house with just a flick of a light switch (and, most likely, some professional installers). The brown against the distressed shiplap walls and ceiling stands out while still complementing the rustic style.

8. Vintage Breakfast Nook

Vintage crystal chandeliers like the one in this breakfast nook are timeless. In this light and airy space, the crystals reflect light, while the darker elements provide a much-needed focal point.

9. Colorful Mid-Century

The trendy pinks and golds of this room tie in perfectly with this modern gold globe chandelier. The light fixture adds warmth and levels up this living room.

10. Elegant Bathroom*

There’s no better way to bathe than in a bathroom that exudes modern comfort. The shape of this crystal and iron chandelier is classic, and its finish matches the black hardware on the cabinets—a perfect tie-in for this space.

11. Boho Loft

Even though the color on this chandelier is neutral, it’s still the highlight of this loft. The thought of laying in the hammock with the wooden beads above you just screams comfort (in the most chill way possible). Grab a good book and snuggle up with a blanket for ultimate relaxation.

12. Mid-Century Sitting Area

This stunning chandelier is the perfect counterpart to this incredibly unique space. The only thing we love more than this accent wall is these incredible dangling lights!

13. Intricate Entryway

This elegant hallway is elevated by ornate gold and crystal chandeliers. Each detail is chosen carefully, and it feels luxurious.

14. Luxurious Bath

This light and airy chandelier leaves this room feeling serene and tranquil–the perfect escape from the stress of everyday responsibilities.

15. Moody Sitting Room

This chandelier lightens up the dark walls and floor with just the right amount of light. It’s the perfect space to entertain guests, or simply unwind at the end of the day. 

16. Modern Cabin Loft

The warm wood accents in this space turn what would otherwise be a modern loft into a cozy cabin-esque retreat right at home. The chandelier hanging low above the conversation area makes this small space intimate and ties the modern and rustic elements together.

17. Stunning Centerpiece 

The last chandelier on our list holds nothing back. Its striking architectural lines draw the eye all the way up to the vaulted ceiling, really showcasing the size of the room. 

It’s not easy to compete with a wall-to-wall view of the ocean, but this chandelier commands your attention without even breaking a sweat. We’re impressed.


Chandeliers can change the look and feel of any space. Ready to find the chandelier of your dreams? Give Stewart Lighting a call!


*Some regulations may prohibit hanging lights over a bathtub. Be sure to check out local building codes and the National Electric Code before hanging any lights.