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Unique Kitchen Lighting

Finding the Right Bulbs – Unique Kitchen Lighting

There are many types of light bulbs available for use in the home, which can make finding the right light for your kitchen quite challenging. A change in the type of lighting used in a room can dramatically affect the look and feel, so this part of the décor must be carefully considered. The kitchen is one of the most commonly renovated rooms of the home, so we're no strangers to choosing unique kitchen lighting that perfectly complements a fresh design.

At Stewart Lighting, we carry a range of light types, making sure you have access to the best unique kitchen lighting for your project. Some selections work better than others depending on the size, layout, and décor of your kitchen project. This handy guide should make it easier to sort through the light bulb types and find the one that best suits your needs:

Incandescent – This is the traditional light bulb and also the most common. It is easy to find and is made to fit just about all fixtures. However, they are not very energy efficient and burn out quickly.

Halogen - This bulb produces soft white light that mimics natural light. Colors appear sharper and they are commonly used on dimmer switches. They are energy efficient but cost more and burn much hotter.

Fluorescent – These bulbs produce flat, cold light and can be very harsh on the eyes. The tube lights found in offices and stores in the ceilings are usually fluorescent bulbs. These selections are best for lighting large open areas.

Compact Fluorescent Bulbs (CFLs) - They use a quarter of the energy of standard incandescent bulbs and can last up to 10 times longer, allowing for integration into unique kitchen lighting. They do contain some mercury so care is needed for safe disposal.

LED - These light bulbs are energy efficient and made to last. They burn cold to the touch and last the longest of any bulb. They offer only directional spot type lighting though.

Now that you know the basics of the most popular types of light bulbs on the market, come by and see the unique kitchen lighting selections we have at Stewart Lighting. When you shop with us, you’ll be able to turn any kitchen into the perfect space. Visit us today to learn more about light bulbs or discover unique kitchen lighting for your remodeling project.