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Illuminate your home’s exterior with outdoor LED lighting with great fixtures from Stewart Lighting

Outdoor LED Lighting for Your Home

Focusing on the outdoor space around a home allows owners to expand the living area by pushing darkness away. Interior decorating is usually considered an essential aspect of home ownership while beautifying the outdoor areas is often a matter of planting some shrubs. The creative installation of outdoor LED lighting can enhance the appearance of a home, accent its façade and provide focal points in the landscape. Safety is enhanced as well through increased visibility along pathways and driveways, entryways and garage doors.

Choosing the Best Lighting Method

LED lighting has many advantages over halogen lighting. Advances in technology make the bulbs cooler and energy efficient while delivering about the same amount of light. Halogen bulbs generate a high level of heat, while outdoor LED lighting bulbs are cool to the touch.

Harmful to plants and pets that touch them, halogen bulbs are a potential safety hazard. The high heat that they generate and their use of filament make halogen lights a high maintenance feature. The filament is similar to one that lights an incandescent bulb, and jarring it can cause the bulb to fail. Using less energy than halogen lights, outdoor LED lighting bulbs have a lifetime of as much as 10,000 hours. Halogen bulbs require frequent replacement as a result of their typical lifetime of 1,000 hours.

Choosing Areas for Illumination

Accenting favorite areas of a yard with outdoor LED lighting is a matter of personal taste and the features that are available. Popular uses of outdoor lighting include accent illumination for patios and outdoor kitchens, deck railings and retaining walls. Placement of outdoor LED lighting below trees provides a dramatic contrast of light and dark that reveals the trunk and branches. Uplighting provides aesthetic views of the walls and façade of a home.

Ponds, fountains and waterfalls that beautify a home’s landscape during the day assume new significance when accented by outdoor LED lighting. Lost in the darkness at night, they increase the appeal of a home by revealing architectural features and doubling their visibility. Practical applications of outdoor lighting increase pedestrian safety by the illumination of focal points that require sure footing.

Spot lights provide an ambiance that makes a home appear as a welcome destination, and they provide easy identification of house numbers for first time visitors. The aesthetic appeal of outdoor lighting enhances a home and expands its boundaries.