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Kitchen Remodeling

Modern Lighting from Our Jacksonville Lighting Store

Many of the amazing lighting fixtures we offer customers here at Stewart Lighting, your Jacksonville lighting store, are perfect for homeowners looking for a new updated or modern look. The challenge comes in figuring out how to incorporate that particular look into your home. The modern style is sleek and minimalist in many ways and utilizes materials like stainless steel, concrete, and slate.

Modern style decor can also save money in the long run because the simplistic minimalist design does not require a lot of extras and accessories. With a few simple lighting fixtures from our Jacksonville lighting store, you can be well on your way to creating the perfect modern kitchen look!

Here are some tips to help you create the perfect kitchen look with light fixtures from your neighborhood Jacksonville lighting store:

A Few Modern Kitchen Tips

  • Paint your kitchen walls in a neutral color such as white, tan, or off-white. This will help to give you a basic backdrop so that everything blends together and you can easily create the modern style you are looking for.
  • Cabinets are an easy way to work a modern look into your kitchen. Choose doors with glass panels or cabinets with the open shelving layout. These styles are perfect for any modern kitchen design.
  • Modern kitchen designs are best with minimal decorations and lights. Something simple (one or two pieces of wall art or a wall clock, for example) is all that’s needed. Less is more and less really can be better. Accent this minimal design with a new lighting fixture from our Jacksonville lighting store. Our modern selections are a perfect addition to any modern kitchen.
  • Choose sleek lighting designs and styles. These add to the look and feel of the room and also accent the modern styling that is so popular with kitchen remodels today.

Need help? You can always draw on the experience of our design specialists at Stewart Lighting for some guidance and inspiration. Call us at (904) 880-8499 or visit our Jacksonville lighting store today to learn more about modern design and see what selections will work best in your home.