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Interior Lighting Advice

Unique Kitchen Lighting & More

We all have heard about the importance of choosing the right light for the room and how proper bulb selection can make a room perfect. But what are some things you can do to improve interior lighting in your home without worrying about bulb choice? As you shop for selections like unique kitchen lighting at Stewart Lighting, keep the following in mind to help improve your indoor lighting:

Unique Kitchen Lighting – Instead of having basic LED or simple overhead lighting, it’s a smart idea to invest in unique kitchen lighting. Many individuals have chosen chandeliers, lanterns, and track lighting to transform their average kitchen into something special.

  • Drapery Liner – Choosing a simple liner for your window treatments can result in an enormous impact on your room's light levels. Filtering light is often desirable in areas such as the living room and as long as the proper drapery liner is used the results are often quite stunning
  • Lampshades – The color and material choice of a lampshade can have a tremendous effect on the light that it gives off. To brighten a room, light-weight and bright colors are best. To subdue the light, thicker shades with darker materials are the way to go.
  • Mirrored Furniture – Rooms that get a lot of natural light through windows and such can be boosted with the addition of mirrored furniture. These unique pieces help because the reflection from mirrored surfaces adds instant glow and reflects light throughout the room.
  • Glass-Paned Interior Doors – An easy way to make the most of any light sources throughout your home is to replace solid doors with glass-paned doors. All of the light from adjacent rooms can filter through and help boost light levels in the neighboring rooms. These doors are ideal for people who want to show off their unique kitchen lighting in the dining area.
  • Battery-Operated Ambiance – Homes that have children and pets aren't always a good fit for candlelit ambiance due to the risk of fire. If you want to get a similar effect for your lighting without fire safety concerns, traditional battery-operated candles are an excellent alternative to boost light levels.

There is no limit to what you can do to improve lighting within your home! From unique kitchen lighting to spectacular bedroom selections you can rest assured that you’ll find high-end choices at Stewart Lighting.