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Impress Guests with these Unique Kitchen Lighting Styles

The kitchen is one of the most important spaces in the household. Not only is it where all of the cooking takes place, but it’s the central hub for family socialization, parties, and entertainment. Quality, visually-pleasing lighting is crucial when it comes to your kitchen. It ensures that practical tasks, including meal prep and cleaning, can be performed with ease. Great lighting also appeals to your family and guests, as it is one of the most frequented rooms in the entire house. Below are three ways you can use unique kitchen lighting to adequately light the area and create a gorgeous space for friends and family.

Shaded Pendants – There are a variety of pendants available to help you achieve a unique kitchen lighting atmosphere in your home. If your kitchen has a minimalist design and you’re looking for a fixture that will stand out, decorative shaded pendants like Colorado Springs four light pendants are a perfect way to incorporate functional lighting while still making a statement. Shaded pendants allow you to get a little more creative with design and are ideal for hanging over kitchen islands and sinks.

Decorative Chandeliers – Another great way to add a functional statement piece into your kitchen is to install a modern chandelier, such as a contemporary light fixture by Feiss. Chandeliers are ideal for hanging above dining area sand islands or as the central lighting fixture in your kitchen. Artfully designed chandeliers bring unique kitchen lighting to any design style. You can mix and match styles, colors, and materials to create a look that is truly your own.

Simple Sconces – Sometimes less is more, and you can easily turn heads with your lighting by installing sleek, simple sconces. This Marlena one-light wall sconce provides unique geometric lines without an incredibly intricate design, allowing it to blend in perfectly with the rest of your kitchen appliances and décor. Sconces can provide unique kitchen lighting for spaces between cabinets, around the sink, and as accents for windows or other décor.

Using lights as a way to add a decorative element to your kitchen will allow you to add your own personal flair without creating any unnecessary clutter. Stewart Lighting offers a variety of unique kitchen lighting fixtures for both functionality and personality. Contact us today at (904) 880-8499 to learn how our lighting fixtures can enhance any room in your home.